Green Science

Green Science is an educational and scientific toy which aims to help you to be a true Earth-friend while making fun projects using old materials.

It is the first plastic free, ecological and biodegradable toy which invites you to enter the great mission that we all have: how to help save the planet!

This ecological product is one of the nominees for The ToyAward 2020 by the Nuremberg Fair. 

See more about our nomination here:

This ecological product will be available from march 2020. 

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With Green Science you can find out more about renewable energies and how you can take advantage of them to build a windmill, boat or solar oven to cook delicious marshmallows! Learn how to Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and Recover Used Materials to Build scientific toys with lots of fun!

Think greener and become an eco-astronaut as you launch a fantastic space rocket and embark on this mission!

Kit contents: 

36 page educational book
Card with graphic elements 
Biodegradable flowerpots
Green Science puzzle (60 pieces)
Decorative stickers 
Wooden spatulas
Watercress seeds
Green bean seeds
Modelling wires
Woollen string
Paper fastener
Wooden Sticks 
Cotton balls 
Paper straws
Rubbers bands
Wooden peg 
Paper clips